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The history of Zagorians is shrouded in the distant past. Ancient tribes known collectively as Pelasgians inhabited the area between 2500BC and 2000BC. Old Pelasgic walls have been found in Vitsa, Asprangeli and Skamneli. Little is known about their descendants, the pastoral tribes who lived here from 2000BC to 800BC. Corinthian colonists settled in along the coast of Epirus between 800BC and 600BC but it was not until the 5th century BC that King Tharypas united the Epirote tribes and encouraged the culture of the southern Greeks.


The Vikos can be viewed for most of its length from the Balkoni tou Vikou (Vikos Balcony). This breathtaking view is well worth the half an hour car ride from Monodendri through deciduous forests and past layered rocks of gray-colored flysch that characterize the villages of Zagoria.