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Parga (Greek: Πάργα, Albanian: Pargë), is a town and a municipality located in the northwestern part of Preveza in northwestern Greece being surrounded entirely by the prefecture of Thesprotia and is the only municipality in Greece that is surrounded by another prefecture. It is on a road linking Anthousa and GR-19. It is located about 40 km S of Igoumenitsa, SW of Ioannina, 65 km NW of Preveza, 90 km W of Arta and about 50 km NW of Vonitsa and about 60 km NE of Lefkada. The settlement dates back to ancient times and was called Ypargos


Parga has a school, a lyceum, a gymnasium, a church, a post office, banks, a port situated in the central part which ferries to, a beach in the central and the eastern part of Parga, taverns and a square (plateia).

Parga is situated on a hillside with a road linking Anthousa and GR-19. A promontory and a rocky hill with some types of pine trees with tall ones on a top is situated in the west and a small promontory with trees to the east. In Parga's bay, between the town beach and the harbour, there is an islet on which is a chapel and jetty, the island can be easily visited by swimming the short distance from the town beach. Lake Kalodiki is situated to the east and is like a pond which is used for frogs.

Parga is surrounded by mountainous countryside, which is rocky and bushy in the east while it is forested and grassy to the northwest.

A view of Paxoi and parts of southern Corfu can be seen and sometimes Lefkada as well.

In 1570, a Venetian fortress was established on the rocky headland to the north of the town, which separates Parga's bay and harbour from the long sandy crescent shaped Valtos beach, there are excellent views of both bays from the now ruined fortress. There are daily tourists from the island of Corfu and to Paxoi

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